Link Dump 1/17/2022

In the spirit of, here are some links I wanted to save without taking action and that might be useful to you as well as me. Web Outside of Browsers

a collection of applications able to interact with websites, without requiring the user to open them in a browser. It also provides well-defined APIs to talk to websites lacking one. Helping FOSS projects be more successful through clearly defined project data.

ClearlyDefined and our parent organization, the Open Source Initiative, are on a mission to help FOSS projects thrive by being, well, clearly defined. Lack of clarity around licenses and security vulnerabilities reduces engagement — that means fewer users, fewer contributors and a smaller community. Our proprietary technology enables us to find embedded open source snippets in your software during build time.

This would be useful as part of an SBOM.

Community CRM Runbook a tool that provides data-based insights into your community's health

It aggregates disparate data pulled from sources such as GitHub, Slack, Twitter providing a unified view of your members. Community managers and developer relations professionals log and manage all their interactions with the members capturing keeping information from their entire teams. This doc summarizes best practices identified by some community CRM users.

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