Liz Cheney's Heel-Face Turn

Cheney: I Do Not Recognize Those In My Party Who Have Abandoned The Constitution To Embrace Donald Trump

That seems familiar. Could it be the The heel-face turn?

When a bad guy turns good. The term "Heel Face Turn" comes from Professional Wrestling, in which an evil wrestler (a "heel") sometimes has a change of heart and becomes good, thereby becoming a "babyface". Magazines and other promotional material from the various wrestling leagues comment on various wrestlers' changes in alignment nearly as frequently as they cover events in the ring themselves.

That depends on who you ask:

The nature of Heel-Face Turn and Face–Heel Turn is subjective (one person's "seeing the light" is another person's "heartless betrayal or fall" depending on what group the individual is going to or leaving).

What do the other members of the league of supervillains think?

Republicans rebuke Liz Cheney in unprecedented moves

Oops. Maybe she has her tropes mixed up and thinks she's in one that ends better for her character.

In movies with more than one supervillain, it's usually only the villain that acts as the Big Bad that perishes; the lesser ones either are captured, reform, or return as the Big Bad in the sequel. --(Superhero Movie Villains Die)

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